Hello, my name is Paisley

I'm an experienced & certified Insight Coach that guides you to true self-happiness.

I Will Teach You How to Self Coach With My Self Coaching Spark Method

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Why do you need a coach to be happy?

Simple: You don’t. However, when was the last time you said to yourself, ‘wow, I’m happy just as I am?’

Happy comes from within and embracing the present. That is a practice that can feel elusive to some. I have practical guidance that you can use to spring into action to create a beautiful reality for yourself.

This involves managing self-esteem, identity, passion, grief and recovery from an oppressive lifestyle.



How does coaching work?

All coaching is personalized, typically clients start with three months of weekly sessions focusing on one to three areas. We will create SMART goals and work on them each session. I go with you on your deep dives into self to better your future. Feel free to inquire about other services or just to say hi! The results are up to you, you are in control of what you work on. Coaching is not therapy, we address present and future led by you, whereas therapy is therapist driven concerning your emotional past.  

Why choose me as a coach?

Simple: I get it. I completely transformed my life leaving behind my childhood religion in order to pursue a healthier and more fulfilling life. I have mental health training (However, I’m not a licensed professional) and a coaching education, as well as I am still actively educating myself and pursuing my dreams. With the combination of those items blended with my deep well of empathy and sensitivity, my understanding of pain will provide you a safe space to challenge yourself with goal oriented sessions.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with clients that are committed to working on the tough parts of themselves in order to accomplish their desires as well as clients that fall under the above categories such as self-esteem, identity, passion, grief and recovery. For example, if you are looking for a purely a business coach, I’d send you recommendations. However, if you’re looking for practical guidance for your existential crisis, I can assist with that. 

How do I know if we are a fit?

I offer complimentary phone introductions for those that want to make sure we are a good fit before making an investment. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! Please inquire for more information.

How do I book you?

You can email me: paisley@insightwithpaisley.com, use the contact form, or call/text 760-975-9109. You will receive a response within one business day. 


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