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At Your Pace

A self paced course for no pressure learning

Easy to follow

Simple step by step instruction


Are you tired of asking, “why did I do that?”

Are you a creative who’s wondering why your art is suffering?

Have you left an oppressive lifestyle and ready to create a new identity?

Are you exhausted and stressed but don’t know why?

Are you done dealing with existential pain?

Are you ready to understand yourself and create a new life using your own story?

Hi, I'm Paisley

Hi, I’m Paisley, a certified Insight coach dedicated to guiding clients to inner harmony by way of storytelling. The Self Coaching Spark was developed because I wish I had guidance when I was going through my major life transformation. The Self Coaching Spark is a culmination of years of experience, training and research to give you exactly what you need during tough times. I truly believe that the more you understand yourself, the more inner harmony you will receive.

I have additional training and life experience in the matters of: life transformations, grief, spiritual abuse recovery, creative blocks, fixed versus growth mindset, fear and identity issues. I’ve experienced and coached clients through some of life’s hardest moments, including: divorce, loss of faith & community, embracing individuality, rebuilding spirituality and related concerns. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I’d love to hear yours!


we will cover these topics



Learn how to meet yourself like you would a friend and build on your relationship with self based on your principles


Set goals based on this model: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound in everyday life, not just big projects

blocks & fears

Take the veil off of denial, work with your fears, not against them

core beliefs

Dig deep to uncover what makes you, you and challenge the negative aspects


Gain confidence by having fun no matter the situation


Engaging in play is crucial for self-discovery and understanding.

your crew

Decide who you want in your life based on your value system


Grief and loss will cycle throughout our lives, gain insight into how to manage it with hope

Self Acceptance

allows for a deeper connection with others, as you can share your true self without fear of judgment.


Establish your limits and expectations with yourself and others to create stronger bonds

mindfulness & Gratitude

Being present, grateful and safe in your own body and mind will clear out the noise and make room for all your desires

The Self Coaching Spark: Mini Course is designed as an overview to tackle heavy topics in a simplistic way. With questions, examples, accountability check ins and suggestions, your journal will be completely full by the time you finish the course! 

Plus, for added support, you can purchase separately the Spark Extra: 30 day messaging support and feedback to your accountability check ins.


Only $34.99

If you can cycle through all these beautiful items in your life consistently, coaching yourself will become a breeze.

You’ll have the patience to stop and ask yourself, ‘what made me think, feel or do that?’

You’ll have the awareness of ‘this specific thing is no longer serving me, l know I can figure out how to change this.’

You’ll be presented with criticism and think ‘this person has an issue with something I do, I wonder how this comment will help me better myself, even if I choose not to agree with it.’

You’ll start to see big obstacles as redirection or an opportunity for growth.

You’ll see minor inconveniences as a way to slow down.

You’ll have the tools you need to live a better life.

This is the power of self coaching!

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Questions? Reach out to paisley@insightwithpaisley.com