Beyond Beliefs: “Do Not Worry About Death, You Will See Them Again”

Have you ever been told that, or a version of that? Many religions and cults teach that death is not the end, and although this is seemingly innocent statement since it’s a belief, it’s also a false way to lessen the pain and provide hope. Even if you do believe in an afterlife of some kind, this notion is dangerous. Although some religions do not directly say…

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Beyond Beliefs: Dear Cult Survivors

This letter is for you. Congratulations on embarking towards a new life. I’m sure it feels absolutely dreadful right now; there’s much confusion, heartache and grief that come with leaving behind everything you know. I’m here to tell you and show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your tunnel is unique to you, so please do not be discouraged if…

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Beyond Beliefs: 3 Things I Wish I Knew After Exiting a Cult

If you’ve experienced any measure of religious/cult trauma or trauma resulting from being in an oppressive-type group, you are not alone. This article is for you. The modern day definition of the word ‘cult’ is now expansive; it includes anyone who has been in an oppressive or restricted community/high control group, including religious, the human or sex trafficking industry and even types of military. Most…

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