Hi I’m Paisley Bird! I am a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach.

I received my certification from Life Purpose Institute in 2021.  Being a highly sensitive person as well as an empath type, I’ve found my place in this world as a healer and a storyteller.  I decided to specialize in guiding people coming from an oppressive background and creative types because I know those two types intimately. The well of understanding that I hold and cultivate for others is ever-evolving. I know the pain, struggle, grief and liberation of completely changing your life including loss and rebuilding of community and beliefs, divorce, relearning and choosing identity, giving self permission to go after your dreams and various experiences of existential crisis. In other words, whatever darkness or chaos you’re facing, I understand. 

Insight can be applied to just about any type of person willing to do the work. I chose Insight because I love going deep with another human being. To be able to hold space and provide that light for someone going into a dark and unknown territory and see them come out triumphant is absolutely fulfilling. I truly believe the more we know ourselves, especially the uncomfortable parts, a better place the world will be; a kind universe.

I also have years of experience in business development, project management, marketing and photography. My other passion is film, and I often immerse myself in every aspect of it. You can follow my existence and musings on Instagram and Medium as well as my full website portfolio here.

Feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions.