The Art of Safety Creation: An Introduction

Cultivating safety within your inner world is a superpower.

3 Ways to Unleash Your Business Brilliance with Grit Post-Trauma

Do you feel like you have what it takes to conquer your way up the career ladder or make your business boom, but you’re feeling held back by internal hangups?

The Most Selfless Act, a Musing

To be selfless, live outside yourself, otherwise, where are you actually living?

Beyond Belief: Thoughts Are Not Sins

If one believes in an all-loving God, do you really think he operates as a dictator?

Beyond Beliefs: 3 Things I Wish I Knew After Exiting a Cult

Our brains are wonderful, they are not only able to withstand one of the most painful experiences of our lives, but they can also create a beautiful, new life for us.

The Birth of Your Star

When your world explodes, you are faced with choices you never expected. To hit what feels like rock bottom, to lose foundation in life, is a surreal experience.

Vulnerability in Agony

All these things happen in cycles, as all things do, as we learn to be who we want to be.

Self- Denial: A Preservation Paradox

Are we ready to go through the discomfort or do we want to just go through the motions?

Self-Awareness in Emerging Depression

To be self-aware while experiencing an emerging depression is like stepping outside of your body and watching yourself struggle to get out of a tar pit.

An Introspection Series: Daily Behaviors

I feel that most people have good hearts, however we are not explicitly taught how to create behaviors for ourselves ....