2021 Review of Heartache

This year was incredible and devastating. We as a community have had to adapt to the ever changing landscape of our environment- in all the senses. We have all had a sense of heartbreak and heartache, that perhaps we have not felt before. Personally, it feels like I have been grieving on and off this whole year. I have grieved over relationships, friendships, futures, dreams; I faced the notion that choosing myself brings pain amongst my evolution. Making the right decision does not equate to only positive emotions. It can still weigh on you heavily. Even if you feel this way, do not act on your feelings if you second-guess yourself. Feel those moments and let them pass. 

My most recent heartache hit me harder than I expected. I fell into a dream and when it crashed and burned, it literally felt like my heart was being compacted as far as it could be, and then released, only to have that motion be done over and over. 

What did this teach me? That I loved fiercely. I trusted myself and the situation in a way I had never before. Do I regret trusting so completely? No. I experienced a sense of joy and satisfaction I had not felt before. And now I have that as a lovely memory; I am capable of swimming in euphoria, how fortunate that I could feel that.

I believe these experiences, when handled with care, develop us into the magical humans we strive to be. 

A few practical reminders when experiencing an ache:

-Confide in a safe person and talk your heart out with no self-judgment. I mean it! Do it even if it feels like your feelings do not make sense.

-Take time to rest and feel your feelings, don’t fight them all the time.

-Continue working on all your aspirations, don’t give up. Taking a break is okay.

-Remember that you are wonderful, and if one thing doesn’t work out for you, something else WILL.